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New England Payroll Service’s timekeeping provides you with powerful reporting tools.  The system allows you to view reports daily, per pay period, by date range and by division, location and department.  You can choose from the following easy to read reports:

  • Exceptions, Missed Punches
  • Approaching Overtime
  • Attendance
  • Job Tracking
  • Historical Information

Time Savings

New England Payroll Service’s Timekeeping not only makes your time and attendance more efficient, it saves you money by accurately tracking the time your employees work.  It helps prevent time theft, which costs you overtime pay, increases payroll totals, increases payroll taxes and benefits. Our system will help make your company more profitable.

Accurate timekeeping also helps you stay in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and puts you in a good position, should you have an audit by the Department of Labor.

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New England Payroll Service’s Timekeeping makes your company’s time and attendance easy to manage!  Our timekeeping allows you to manage your company’s time and attendance on-line.  Employees simply clock in and out through our secure online time clock OR via a traditional time clock.  When you want to check hours, or it’s time to run payroll, your employees’ hours are downloaded directly into our payroll system.  You no longer have to worry about re-keying or importing the hours into a payroll system.


Manager Self Service

New England Payroll Service’s Timekeeping offers you the option of Manager Self Service, which allows managers within your organization to view, enter and correct their employees’ timekeeping transactions, so everything can be approved prior to you, or your office manager, completing payroll.


  • Tracking Breaks and Lunches
  • Report Tips
  • Integrates with Payroll System
  • Traditional Time Clock
  • Job Tracking
  • Auto Email of Reports
  • Online Time Clock
  • English or Spanish
  • Piece Work

Employee Self Service

Employees can access their payroll information including check stubs and W2s online and via mobile devices.

Client Training

New England Payroll Service’s new Client Training video is now available: