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A Full-Service Payroll Processing Company in Connecticut

Payroll processing can be a challenge, especially for smaller businesses or startups. New England Payroll Services is a payroll management company that provides the payroll services and software you need to ensure smooth payments for your employees. We can help you build a payroll management system in Connecticut based on your unique needs. We stay up to date on the latest payroll taxes and other regulations to ensure you remain compliant while giving your employees their earned payments.

Effective Payroll Software

Many payroll service providers use various software options to provide their payroll services. Our payroll service company uses effective payroll management software to help you track earnings for your employees, deduct the appropriate taxes, and keep all aspects of your payroll organized and well-documented. We strive to make payroll management straightforward and seamless, integrating your payroll system with your other financial systems to give you the best results.

We Give You Freedom and Flexibility

Whether you need help with your payroll deposits near Connecticut or want a more comprehensive payroll system, we can help you build a program that gives you the flexibility and freedom you want. Our payroll processing company works closely with you to meet your needs and keep your employees satisfied. We can help with many aspects of your payroll system, including timekeeping, human resources, and reporting solutions, allowing you to track payroll accurately.

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Business Services


  • Online Timekeeping
  • Traditional Swipe Clock
  • Hours Download to Payroll System
  • Track Breaks & Lunches
  • Employee Activity Reports

Human Resources

  • Employee Benefits
  • HR Consulting


  • Elite Package
  • Online Green Package
  • Timekeeping
  • Pay Cards
  • Employee Self-Service

Why Choose NEPS?

  • Don’t pay all those extra charges! Don’t pay extra for New Hire Reporting, Direct Deposit, Stuffing, and Setting up of Electronic Signature.
  • You’re not a number to us – We offer THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the industry.
  • We have CPA’s on staff so your taxes are done correctly
  • One Payroll Specialist who handles your account that you can always reach for questions you may have
  • We can keep the year-end open past 12/31 so accounting adjustments are made in the appropriate year.
  • Customer service and support that is second to none.

Your benefit is freedom!