Reporting Solutions

Elite Payroll Package – Call, Fax, and Email

NEPS Elite payroll provides you with the tools you need to process your payroll in the most efficient and effective manner for your particular business. We customize the payroll process to save you time and allow you more time to manage your business.

  • Signed & Sealed Checks

    Direct Deposit to Debit Card

  • Direct Deposit (including direct deposit to prepaid Debit Cards via Ready Fund$)
  • Simple and clear payroll reporting with no extra charge for any added reports you need.
  • Detail, Summaries, Check Register
  • Quarterly Returns & Tax Filings
  • Track PTO – Vacation/Sick Time
  • Hours, Bonuses & Commissions
  • General Ledger direct download to Quickbooks
  • Track PTO, vacations, and sick time
  • Automatically emailed reports to managers, bookkeepers, and accountants.

Need additional reports? Great! There are no added charges!

Green – Online Payroll Package – Web-based online service

NEPS allows you to take control of your payroll. Our secure online payroll application allows you to enter, process, close and print reports every pay period. We will customize the process to work for your business. Employer OnDemand is the perfect tool for your company’s payroll. Its robust features and functionalities are available to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Includes all of Elite, plus

  • Employer on the Go: Enter Online Payroll: Anywhere, any browser, any device including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs!
  • My Employer on the Go: A single and secure source for employees to access their personal information in real time. Go provides the employer, manager, and employee a tool to engage and communicate important human resource information from anywhere and on any device.
  • Real Time Online Payroll Solutions
  • Employee Self Service: Employees can access their payroll information including check stubs and W2s online and via mobile devices at any time.
  • Manager Self Service: Managers can approve the time for their departments
  • Integrates with Timekeeping
  • Date Range Driven customized reporting tool
  • Job Costing & Labor Distribution


NEPS offers your company different time and attendance and other timekeeping solutions which can be customized to fit your company’s exact needs. Our timekeeping allows you to manage your company’s time and attendance online in real time. Employees simply clock in and out through our secure online time clock OR via a traditional swipe time clock.  When it’s time to run payroll, your employees’ hours are automatically in our payroll system. No longer worry about re-keying the hours into a payroll system.

Includes all of Green, plus

Timekeeping Payroll Package and Time & Attendance

  • Online (Web based) Time Clock or Traditional Swipe Clock
  • Downloads Directly into payroll system
  • Track Breaks & Lunches
  • Exceptions & Missing Punches Reports
  • English or Spanish

Don’t choose a Bundled Package with another payroll company and pay for services you don’t always need or hardly ever use AND don’t pay all those ancillary fees!

NEPS The Other Guys
New Hire Reporting $ 00 $$$$
Direct Deposit $ 00 $$$$
Stuffing $ 00 $$$$
All Additional Reports $ 00 $$$$
Electronic Signature Setup $ 00 $$$$
Paperless Processing $ 00 $$$$